How We Got Started

When I was a teen my mother came home from work one evening with the cutest kitten I’d ever seen, Abby. My siblings and I were delighted by this new addition to the family, though our dog Rock didn’t seem so certain at first. Abby is sassy and independent, while Rock was a lot more goofy and full of energy: it took the two some time to trust each other, but they became inseparable. When she grew however, Abby started having recurring fits. She would fall on her side, stiffen and chomp her jaw; the veterinarian told us she had epilepsy. Because the seizures were relatively short and Abby seemed fine afterwards, no medicine was prescribed. Yet my father, feeling bad for her, decided to mix a little bit of CBD with her food to see if it would help, and it did! Not only did she seem calmer and more composed in general, she stopped having seizures altogether. I didn’t make much of it at the time as I was gearing up for college, my mind was on my studies. But when Rock was diagnosed with stomach cancer a few years later, my parents told me how CBD was helping him deal with the stress of having to go to the clinic, and I realized what a wonderful difference CBD could make in the lives of all our pets. Whether they suffer from anxiety, age-related aches and pains, sleeplessness, lack of appetite or from the symptoms of serious chronic illnesses, CBD helps. I started CBD Goodies so that each dog and cat in Canada may have access to a natural, healthy, organic and effective remedy for their ailment, and live a blissful life.

Jonathan, Co-Founder


We are proud to offer natural, high quality CBD pet treats with simple ingredients. CBD Goodies are safe, non-psychoactive and a great way to treat your pets in need. We are growing our line of products, so please check back often.


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